Terrance the movie is a full-length feature movie. It is not a "crossover" movie in the sense of "crossover music", as there is no attempt to hide the importance of Jesus. The content and delivery of the work is intended to be creative and Holy Spirit inspired. That is our hope and prayer.

The story behind the movie examines the challenge of a Christian living in the world where popularity is highly valued, the anatomy of true discipleship and God responding to authentic faith expressed through prayer and action.

The screenwriter, Douglas Decicco, chose not to follow the popular trend of stories dealing with eschatology (the study of the end times) because the apocalypse is too easily misunderstood. Furthermore, prophecy is out of reach for the vast majority of those who might benefit from an evangelical movie.

This movie would have a "G" (general public) rating except for the realistic scene depicting Monica having to wrangle free from her uncle's drunkenness. For that reason alone, the work is probably equivalent to MPA's "PG-13" rating.